Weighbridge – the new emerging trend in weighing

A weighbridge can take care of all your day to day industrial operations.

In the early stages of Industrial Weighing, people preferred to use ‘lever forever’ truck scales for measuring weight of the trucks and other heavy equipments. Those scales were huge equipments with attached pivots and bearings. Also, those levers were made of iron and were very expensive because of their weight. This led to the emergence of a new trend in weighing, i.e. Weighbridges. They are large steel scales that are used for measuring heavy utility vehicles like trucks, buses and other heavy industrial equipments, in order to determine their weight. In general, these steel made equipments are used to calculate the amount of load carried by the heavy utility vehicles.

How to choose the best weighbridge for your application?

There are various factors to be considered before getting a weighbridge which includes:

  • Length Size, width  and capacity.
  • Reliability
  • Digital and analogue
  • Unmanned and Printouts
  • Metal weighbridge or Concrete weighbridge
  • Above ground or Pit Mounted Weighbridge 
  • Exploring different options of accessories such as Data Bases, Boom Gates, Stop Lights, Vehicle detction systems
  • Custom-made weighbridges
  • Request a quote

Portable weighbridges for non permanent instillation and council approval not needed. 

There is no doubt weighbridges can take care of all your weighing needs but it is necessary to acquire services from best service provider in the business. This is where we at National Weighing and Instruments step in and satisfy all your demands. Here we provide fully modular lifelong weighbridges for many industrial weighing purposes. Here we offer a wide selection of modular weighbridges, steel weighbridges, Cement and portable weighbridges, indicators, remote displays, Portable wheel Weighing PADS, Axle Weighers, and more. We always offer you an innovative solution for all your queries. Our weighbridge platform provides you with variety of lengths ranging from basic axle weighers to B-triple and road train configurations. We are well known for delivering tailored, complete solutions that strengthens and add value to your business. The key benefit of our service being accurate and reliable vehicle weighing.

For more information on the weighbridge service we can offer and the various weighbridges we can supply you with click here.

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