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National Weighing offer many years of experience in software which is specifically written for manufacturing industry in the fields of Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical and other industries. This software has many tasks of weight monitoring, batching, counting, grading and logging.

Our engineers can use the power of software and PLC’s to control plants and deliver a total solution for your applications. If you have a specific software for your needs, our engineers can generate software for all applications.

Some of our current installations:


Dedicated software by Balance and scale manufacturers to connect their scales  to Windows applications for data collections, such as Excel andAccess. Can also be used in system programs such as SAP and B.PIX operation systems.


A dedicated sequel program for the Tablet uniformity in Pharmaceutical checking of tables, capsules, for TGA requirements, automatically captures and delivers the tablets to the balance and offers a wide range of reports.

Tabsoft Manual pdf

Winweigh 4 

A database and Logging  program for use in variety of applications for logging weights, printing labels and documents, can be down loaded to a user terminals, unmanned weighbridge stations, touch screen displays for user interface. Works with WI-FI wireless cable free connections if required, can be designed  for all information.

Batch Mate 

A software for controlling ingredient batching and dispensing, PLC control if required, displays all tank levels and operation of the display, can be used for recipe weighing and formula mixing as well.

DIADE Software

The DIADE Indicators have a range of available software that is incoporated into the programing of the DIADE to suit the needs of individual companies.
Below is a list of DIADE software with a brief description.

  • Entry DIADE – Software used remote operator in an office or reception.
  • Dosing DIADE – Software used for batching and mixing.
  • Medical DIADE – Software used for Hospital waste & management procedures.
  • Range DIADE – Software for Verifying products against predefined weight ranges.
  • Axle DIADE – Software used to weigh individual Axles in a dynamic weighing solution.

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