National Weighing and instruments offers equipment and services for the following:



  • Laboratory weighing and equipment
  • Industrial weighing applications
  • Retail weighing solutions
  • Weighbridges
  • Fresh Produce weighing and Packaging
  • Batching and Controlled weighing


  • Laboratory equipment
  • Medical equipment

 Metcal and Electrical (#NATA Accredited#) 

  |Digital Multi-meters Analogue| Optical Tachometers| |Current Clamps /current meters| Digital and Analogue |oscilloscopes up to 300 MHz Scope|meters up to 300 MHz |Frequency Counters|Timers and Stop watches| Handheld  Multifunction | calibrators-|Digital Thermometers |Resistance boxes /decades| Power Supplies up 1000v/10A|Digital Power meters –Insulation testers up to 1kv |Appliance testers up to 1kv  Wrist Strap.

Force and Torque  Force gauge|  |Torque wrenches up to 1000 NM| |Torque screw drivers| |Tension testers|Duro-meters|Hardness Testers 

Dimensional Metrology

 |Callipers up to 1000 mm|External Micrometers up to 600 mm| |Internal Micrometers up to 100 mm| Height Gauges|  Dial Test Indicators|  Dial/Digital Indicators-| Depth gauges|Thickness gauges| Gauge blocks|Ball gauges| Thread gauges-| Setting rods up to 1000 mm| Go/No Go gauges (plug, ring etc.) |Diameter Gauges|

Analytical Calibrations

 |Viscometers| |pH meters-Conductivity meters|

Pressure and Vacuum (-90 to 25000kpa)

·         Industrial pressure gauges||Digital pressure gauges| Differential pressure gauges (eg. Magnehelic)|Pressure Transmitters / Transducers|

 Temperature and Humidity

Digital Thermometers from -35°C to 650°C| |Liquid in Glass Thermometers|HACCP Certified Thermometers| |IR Thermometers|Dataloggers|Hygrometers-Ovens & Environmental Enclosures|Incubators|Fridges / Freezers / Coolrooms- Waterbaths/Liquid baths |Process Temperature Indicators / Controllers|


  • Industrial weighing equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Process Instrumentation- Temperature, Flow and Pressure


  • NATA- Mass, weighing, pipettes, centrifuges, tachometers, voltmeters, digital multimeters, ammeters, ohmmeters, graphic recording instruments, digital storage recorders, frequency meters, counters.
  • AUSTRALIAN GOVT. Mass verifier
  • WEIGHTS AND MEASURES- mass and weighing equipment 

 National Weighing & Instruments Scope of Accreditation