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National Weighing and Instruments exhibits at AUSPACK 2017!

National Weighing and Instruments were excited to exhibit for the first time at AUSPACK 2017. The exhibition was held over 4 days from March 7th -10th and housed a number of exhibitors in “The Dome” at Olympic Park in Homebush Sydney.

AUSPACK delivers global innovations in a local location, it also showcases the largest display of working machinery for food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing. 

The focus of the exhibition was in the Food Processing Industry. This was an opportune moment for us as an exhibitor to showcase the latest innovations in what Bilanciai had to offer. Being the exclusive distributor in Australia, we couldn’t wait to show off the features of the Selecta Checkweigher, Portion Control Weighing System, and Diade Carton Meat Labelling System.

All three pieces of equipment drew plenty of interest amongst exhibition revelers thanks to the informative demonstrations held by our lovely NSW, VIC and SA Sales Managers.

Overall the week was a success as we received such a positive result from all that came to visit our stand.

National Weighing and Instruments are anticipating another exhibition at AUSPACK in 2019 with new products and new weighing solutions for you!





Takeaway Portion Scale

National Weighing & Instruments have recently supplied a fresh food production company with a new Takeaway Portion Scale system to improve the manual portioning of their salad greens in small tubs. The takeaway portion scale has been used to determine how much product has been removed from a larger ‘bulk’ tray to enable easy, no-fuss manual handling.

In food production, it is important to ensure uniform portioning across a batch of product to guarantee value for money for the end user and reduce operator related waste costs. It is best to have a guide for operators instead of relying on the manual portioning estimation of the operator.

The takeaway portion scale is a great solution to this, it increases productivity and reduces ‘give-aways’. It is suitable for multiple applications above and beyond the previously mentioned, for example, pizza topping assembly.

Takeaway scale overTakeaway scale extractedTakeaway scale right

In the system described above the takeaway, scale system consisted of a Bilancai diade DD1010i terminal alongside an AND SC30BM full stainless steel base work with the scale configured to reading 20kg x 2g. The target value was entered into the terminal to enable the operator to ‘take out’ the desired amount of product as appropriate. The screen of the indicator is designed to clearly display whether the weight is acceptable, too low or too high by the screen background turning either green, red or yellow respectively.  The system does not allow the operator to move on to the next portion until the weight of the current portion is acceptable. The Diade DD1010i monitors the accuracy of the product being removed and can provide reports on throughput, the number of packs produced by an operator and the totals weighed. Depending on the configuration, the DD1010i is intelligent enough to reduce the tolerance windows once the operator is achieving a high level of repeatable accuracy in portioning.


Meat Processing Plant Stock Control & Weighing System

National Weighing & Instruments have just installed a Multi-Station Weighing System at a meat processing plant, the stations are Receiving, Labelling, Bulk Bin Weighing and Full carcass despatch.
The full Weighing & Stock Control System uses four (4) Bilanciai DIADE Programmable Touch Screen Terminals, 2 Label Printers, 1 Barcode scanner and a Computer linking all Terminals to a System Administrator.
The DIADE touch screen terminals are programmed in accordance with the meat processing plants needs and the user-friendly terminals are programmed with easy to use software.
All meat carcasses are Weighed and Counted, using an Overhead Track scale (OHT) upon delivery to the processing plant. The meat is then processed, some sold as whole carcasses (again weighed and counted using another OHT) and the rest of the meat is sectioned, weighed, labeled and packaged. The system weighs the sectioned cuts and prints labels including a barcode.
A larger weighing scale station weighs and prints labels of the bulk and larger meat sections, it is also used to weigh and keep track of the waste product bins.
The barcode scanner is used at the large weighing station for scanning meat to be dispatched and stock control, the labels printed earlier include meat cut, weight, date packed and a barcode of the product.

DIADE Terminal

DIADE Terminal

The System Administrator’s computer at the meat processing plant can, with the use of the DIADE Touch Screen Weighing Terminals, keep track of all the meat and type of cuts in a processing plant.
All the databases from the DIADE terminals can be accessed by the administrator to keep track of stock and where the stock is located within the processing plant.

Each Weighing Station DIADE Terminal display can be viewed and accessed from the remote computer in the System Administrators office to view production and access databases.
All reports from receiving and dispatching of meat, stock on hand and waste stock can be printed from the administrator’s computer with a true yield reporting capabilities and invoice.

SPT-28 Portable Weighbridge Installation in Gypsum Mine W.A.

National Weighing & Instruments has carried out the supply and installation of a new 16-meter split deck Bilanciai SPT-28 Transportable Trade Approved Weighbridge for a customer at a Gypsum Mine in Western Australia.
The customer required a custom-made split deck weighbridge, 16 meters in total length but consisting of two (2) separate 8m weighbridges to be able to weigh the axle groups of the trucks as well as the total weight.

The Bilanciai SPT-28 Transportable Weighbridge was chosen because of its unique and patented design which allows for easy installation in remote areas but also drastically reduces the costs associated with the civil foundations of a standard weighbridge due to its portable nature. The Trade Approval also allows the customer to carry extra load due to the Concessional Loading Scheme.

The weighbridge was supplied with two high contrast remote displays, viewable up to 50m so the driver in the front end loader could see the weight of the gypsum that is being loaded into the truck on the weighbridge.

SPT-28 Gypsum Mine WA

National Weighing & Instruments supply, service and install a range of different weighbridges from the Bilanciai SPT-28 Transportable type as described above to your standard Bilanciai above ground or inground steel and concrete weighbridges. We have offices and agents throughout Australia and are always available to provide a free of charge quotation,  service or after sales support.

Please phone our nationwide number on 1300 669 162 for assistance. 

Coffee Machine Sales Installation

Below is a scenario I’m sure all coffee lovers have experienced.

1. You order a coffee one morning from your local café, smell the beautiful coffee aroma, take your first sip and its pure heaven. It’s one of the best coffee’s you’ve had.
2. The next day you return, excited for your morning coffee, only to find that that first sip is not the same, the taste is weaker or stronger and you leave disappointed.

Well with National Weighing & Instruments newest invention, that can all change!

We have just supplied and installed new scales into a prominent coffee producer and café in Melbourne that is built into the coffee machine.

The customer was disappointed that every coffee they made for their customers could not taste the same for every cup. They approached National Weighing & Instruments and we designed and engineered a scale solution to fit into their existing commercial coffee machines.

The coffee machine scales allow the operator to measure the exact amount of liquid put into each cup. The scales are wired up to the built-in timers on the coffee machine to stop the filling process after a certain time, therefore making sure every cup weighs the exact same weight and ensuring the strength of coffee is standard across all cups made.

Coffee Machine Sales Installation 2

National Weighing & Instruments are very pleased to be able to provide our customer with a solution that enhances their business operations and improves their own customer’s product satisfaction.

If you would like to know more about the Coffee Machine Scales,
Please do not hesitate to call our National Toll Free Number on 1300 669 162 (more…)


New Transportable Weighbridge for Grain Farming

New Transportable Weighbridge for Grain Farming in W.A.
National Weighing & Instruments has carried out the supply and installation of a new 18 meter Bilanciai SPT-28 Transportable Trade Approved Weighbridge for a grain farmer in Western Australia.

The customer required an 18-meter weighbridge to weigh their trucks full of grain to make sure they were not overloading them. The trade approved weighbridge also allows them to carry extra grain as part of the concessional loading scheme.

The Bilanciai SPT-28 Transportable Weighbridge was chosen because of its unique and patented design which allows for easy installation in remote areas but also drastically reduces the costs associated with the civil foundations of a standard weighbridge due to its portable nature.

The customer was not sure if the weighbridge would need to be relocated in a couple of years and due to the SPT-28’s portability and minimal civil foundations required compared to a standard weighbridge, the SPT-28 was the logical choice.

SPT- Weighbridge Grain Grower WA 1

The remote location of the site meant 240V power was not an option so the weighbridge was connected up to a Bilanciai D410 Weight Indicator operating off a 12V deep cycle battery and solar power system.

National Weighing & Instruments supply, service and install a range of different weighbridges from the Bilanciai SPT-28 Transportable type as described above to your standard Bilanciai above ground or inground steel and concrete weighbridges.
We have offices and agents throughout Australia and are always available to provide a free of charge quotation, service or after-sales support.

Please phone our nationwide number on 1300 669 162 for assistance. 


The Australasian Waste & Recycling Expo (AWRE)  is the most established commercial event dedicated to the Australasian waste and recycling marketplace, AWRE attracts exhibitors and delegates from across Australia, NZ, Asia, U.K. and North America looking for innovative ways to collect, sort and process waste from the municipal, commercial and construction sectors.

National Weighing & Instruments presented several key products at the AWRE Expo, including a range of DIADE weighing terminals,  our NMI approved Portable Weighbridge, Remote displays and a selection of label printers.

The family of Diade weighing terminals is undoubtedly the perfect solution for many control
processes, making possible a significant reduction in the system components used, with the following benefits:
• Fewer and less complex connections with a consequent reduction      in installation costs
• Reduced costs for system components
• Simpler maintenance/assistance procedures

For more information on one of the above
or to place an order,
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EX Hazardous Area Application

A Cosmetic packaging company in South Western Sydney recently upgraded their Dispensary scales by installing 5 new SAA approved EX-Hazard area scales. To ensure that the dispensary scales were classified for use under EX classification the scales needed to be upgraded. Further enhancements of printouts were added to the scales in the safe area, which produces the hard copy of results.

Tablet Uniformity Software

Tabsoft Setup
Tab soft Connection Setup

A Pharmaceutical manufacturer upgrades to the new sequel version of National Weighing’s TABSOFT (tablet uniformity testing software). The upgrade replaces their old DOS-based system and complies with TGA requirements. Manufacturers of Tablets and Capsules need to check weight for uniformity, this is where their small range high precision balances are employed. A feeder to put one tablet in the balance at the time reduces production and quality staff times. The New sequel version now allows for the Database of products to be assessed from anywhere in the factory, batches can be set up and viewed by quality staff. This system can also be implemented for fill weights on production lines. The TABSOFT is one of National Weighing and Instruments many software solutions for weighing applications, call us today to discuss your specific application.


Service with a Smile

A 10 year anniversary was recently celebrated for one of National Weighing and Instruments NATA customers- celebrating a long-standing contract to conduct monthly observations and issue endorsed reports based on NATA’s Technical note 13. Each month our technicians visit the site test and calibrate the 30 balances and follow this up with endorsed reports. National Weighing and Instruments have been a NATA accredited testing facility for over 30 years, with accreditation for the Testing of Mass, Weighing, Centrifuges, and Pipettes. We are currently setting up for our NATA accreditation of temperature enclosures, which we expect to be accredited with soon.

Waste Management Application

LPS platform
Low Profile Basework connected to Diade
Ice Cream manufacturer installs a weight-waste management system for its in-house production control, using a Touchscreen operator interface and weigh scales with label Printer. Waste in Production is a guide to good manufacturing practices, when monitored it can increase productivity and output. National Weighing & Instruments were commissioned to create a software system to monitor waste by, location, shift and product type, then generate labels and reports for management. The reduction in the waste product was evident immediately and operators could see all the information at hand. The whole process was quite simple, the operator places the waste onto the scale and on the touch screen display they select the area, product type and operators shift, the software system now prints a label and generates a report.

Unmanned Filling Station for Co2

A Project to create an unmanned liquid nitrogen filling station was awarded to National Weighing & Instruments. The project entailed fitting a Vessel on Load cells and then connecting an output relay system that would provide contacts to solenoids to shut off liquid nitrogen when customers had finished filing cryostat vessels. The operation was for the customers to be identified by a swipe tag, which would allow them access to the system. Once they accessed the system the start weight is recorded, they would then connect their hoses to vessels and fill, when finished a button is pressed and a printout of the total liquid nitrogen provided at the fill station. This operation is available 24 hours a day, whilst in the office, a record of all transactions is recorded so customers can be charged for their purchases.

Food Manufacturing Application

A food ingredient company based in Western Sydney added to their production line a new Dust proof and Water proof scale ( Protection class IP69), designed to withstand powerful water jets and very dusty conditions. The X320 scale has resolved the problems previously encountered in the starch and powder packing area. Call National Weighing & Instruments today to discuss your weighing environment, we can suggest a solution for most production areas.

It’s a Cool Solution

A large Air Conditioning manufacturing company in Sydney’s North West commissioned NWI to design a control system to automatically fill Air conditioning cylinders and monitor the main bulk reservoir level giving an alarm if it is low level. NWI utilised the Bilanciai D410 weigh controller with a high resolution 1500kg x 50g base work to weigh the reservoir. The D410 has two set points as a standard supply and 2 inputs for the Start and emergency Stop Function, the rest was a simple wiring process to a solenoid to control the Gas Flow.

Retrofit Load Cells to Exisiting Machinery

Synthetic Oil packer required a drum lifter to have load cells so they could accurately blend oils by weight, National Weighing & Instruments designed load cell mounts to fit under the castor wheels and connected these to one of our battery operated D70 Indicators. Providing accurate blending by weight on a portable drum lifter.

ALC Summit

National Weighing & Instruments attended the Australian Logistics Council Summit in August 2014.
Members of Australia’s logistics industry have committed to a range of actions to strengthen supply chain safety and compliance at a one-day summit hosted by the Australian Logistics Council, Australia’s peak body for the logistics industry.
More than 250 industry representatives from all parts of the supply chain, including transporters, customers and suppliers attended the Summit to benchmark, share best practice, and to identify gaps where improvements are needed.
National Weighing & Instruments displayed some of their products to offer and provide CoR ( Chain of Responsibility ) using our NMI approved Weighing System.

Diade All Pic
Selection of Diade Weighing Indicators 

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Silo / Tank Application

A Large Gas cylinder refiller has commissioned National Weighing and Instruments to install load cells under their 5 high-pressure storage vessels to monitor levels for filling purposes, the 4 legged tanks hold up to 80 tonnes of various gases. At the main tanks there are Bilanciai D70 indicators to display the weight and retransmits the weight to a mimic panel situated 85 meters away in the laboratory, so the production staff has all the information on hand. The installation involved mounting the 20mm thick plates to the tanks before cranes were called in to lift the vessels into place.


The National Weighing & Instruments Melbourne branch has recently installed a new Bilanciai DD2050 Self Service Weighing Terminal to a customer’s existing weighbridge in Melbourne, Victoria
The new DD2050 Weighing Terminal along with the AxleDIADE Software allows for the removal of the security guard with all weighing and data results recorded in the DD2050 and sent by Ethernet communication to the new security office approximately 200m away.
The DD2050 and weighbridge is an integral part of the operations of the site as it allows them to record the weights of raw materials and new goods leaving site while conforming to Chain of Responsibility regulations. Along with a weight recording, each driver must select their truck type (single, double or tri-axle), company name, enter in their driver rego and name and select the weigh-in or weigh-out operation.
The touchscreen operation makes for a simple and time efficient operation while the large remote display at each end of the weighbridge gives the truck drivers visual confirmation of each axle’s weight and their total vehicle weight.
The upgraded weighbridge was recalibrated using certified test masses to ensure the weight of each truck is correct and verifiable.
National Weighing & Instruments has branches and preferred agents in all Australian states to ensure national sales and service coverage is available to all National Weighing & Instruments customers.

Heavy duty solution for demanding air-freight application

When a leading air freight business needed to improve their weighing equipment uptime, and reduce their plane delays caused by breakdowns or inaccurate results, National Weighing & Instruments were called upon to provide a solution. One of the most significant tasks of any air freight business is the task of ensuring the cargo weight is correct at all times. Think about the implications of incorrect cargo weights being factored into a consignment. Increased fuel usage, increased maintenance costs, increased wear & tear on ancillary equipment, not to mention the potential catastrophe of having overloaded planes in the air. National Weighing & Instruments provided a custom built, extra heavy duty weighing system to ensure uptime is maximised and accuracy is paramount at all times. The solution provided uses six (6) 5000Kg capacity load cells, in conjunction with a reinforced substructure and thick chequer plate platform to weigh a wide variety of cargo bins, trolleys, tugs, and vehicles. If you have a requirement for a customised, engineered solution which is more than just something “out of the box”, do not hesitate to contact National Weighing & Instruments for professional advice and assistance.

Counting Application for Busy Production line on large Medical Equipment Manufacturer

A Large plastic injection company Commissioned National Weighing & Instruments to install a counting scale system on their 14 packing lines, retrofitting them to part of the strapping line so operators could count, pack and strap in the same area. To further enhance the system, Bilanciai D430 indicators were programmed with the barcodes of hundreds of products to be counted, a barcode wand was then employed to select the product to be counted and target counts utilizing the red/yellow/green stoplight, to quickly inform operators of the count targets.