FZ-i / FZ-i WP Precision Balance

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* NMI Trade Approved for FZ-300iWP & FZ-3000iWP models
* Resistant to all spills of foreign material
* One touch internal calibration
* Compact B5 Size Footprint brings minimal impact to your work environment
* Fast stabilization Time of 1 second makes the unit ideal for high speed applications
* Shock Absorber Function prevent damage due to accidental overloading
* Choice of multiple weighing units including counting and percentage
* Complies with GLP,GMP,GCP and ISO laboratory systems
* Environment Setting allows set up to suit the operation area
* Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement ensures optimum counting accuracy
* Animal Weighing Function for weighing unstable samples
* Statistical Calculation Function provides full stats reporting
* Comparator Function allows the FZ-i to be used for filling or grading
* Standard Small Breeze break on all models
* Underhook weighing for testing density or weighing magnetic material