Vistus BMG 5.2 and BMG 8.2 Metal Detection Conveyor

National Weighing & Instruments works in partnership with Minebea Intec to provide state of the art scales and other industrial weighing equipment.                                       The BMG metal detection conveyor from
Sartorius has been specially developed for
use in production lines in the food industry.
It consists of a torsion-free belt frame and
an integrated Vistus metal detector, made
by Sartorius.
The BMG metal detection conveyors
combine with the Vistus search coil to
achieve optimum detection sensitivity, thus
allowing the detection of even the smallest
metallic particles. In addition to magnetic
metallic parts, the system identifies the high alloy
steels and non-ferrous metals (copper,
brass, aluminum, lead) and removes them
from the production process by means of
pushers, blowers, and other separations

Product photo Vistus Top View

Product photo Vistus, side view 


Features and Benefits Include:

-Made entirely of stainless steel

-Operating heights between 500 – 1100 mm
-Easy to clean
-IFS and BRC-compliant
-Detects magnetic metallic parts and high-alloy steels and non-ferrous metals.

-Air pressure monitoring
-Rejection monitoring
-Shift registers
-Features a lockable collection container

-Level monitoring
-Signal lights and beeps
-Remote control

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