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Super Alcomat

The Gibertini Super Alcomat is an OIV approved ( International Organisation of Vine ), completely automatic instrument for the deterrnination of Alcoholic Strength by Volume ASV (alcoholic strength) in distillate in 5 seconds. Flow through cell for quick the value of ASV (alcoholic strength) appears on a liquid crystal display together with temperature, the relative density at 20ºC and others parameters. The reading module is provided with a water proof keyboard whose functional keys allow: Correction of the floater volume with H20 or standard alcoholic solutions Zero set and calibration of DENSIMAT CE Date, hour, minute etc. setting Updating printing of the obtained values and other functions Languages: Italian, German, English, French, Spanish.
A microcontroller, especially designed for Gibertini, as well as managing all functions of DM-CE and Alcomat, is able to detect any internal problem of the balance, suggesting a suitable servicing when necessary.

Features Include –

  • Alcoholic strength by volume from 0 to 100% according to the EEC tables (Regulation n. 2676/90)
  • Accuracy and readout repeatability +/- 0.3 % vol; readability 0,01%vol
  • Determination of the total dry extract Conversion in density (mass of volume) Musts evaluation: Baume, Brix, Babo and Oechsle degrees
  • Working temperature: 10 – 30°C (optimum 15-25°C)
  • Mains supply voltage : 220V -15%/+10% 45 VA (optional 110 V)
  • Dimensions: D210 x W355 x H325mm Net weight: 4 kg

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