Steam generator – V.A & Total S02

National Weighing & Instruments offer the Gibertini Vade rapid steam generator, to work in conjunction with the DEE distilling unit or by itself to produce steam for Volatile Acidity determinations and total SO2 determination. The glass spout is inserted into the chamber of the DEE and steams the wine to drive off V.A., a robust stainless steel boiler generates steam in seconds, safe unit as the boilers areturned of at the switch of the power, simple to operate.240 V

Features Include –

  • A rapid steam generator
  • Can work with the DEE
  • Produces steam in seconds
  • Safe- Boilers are unaccessible
  • comes with the glass spout and necessary tubes for Distilled water
  • operation by switching of power
  • built in Pump for correct delivery of distilled water

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