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Shipping Container Load Diade

At National Weighing & Instruments we have several weighing solutions that could help you adjust your business to the changes in SOLAS requirements for shipping container weighing.

If you are interested in using Method 2 to get a verified gross mass (VGM)  for your shipping container we recommend that you use the BILANCIAI diades with the PTE-LW Forklift scale. This system will help you load your shipping container directly and accurately from the seat of your forklift.  This system is suitable for items weighing between 1kg and 2500kg and therefore is ideal for loading your shipping containers with a variety of different products. The PTE-LW forklift scales have an NMI certificate of approval so you could easily use this system if you were calculating a price or cost based on the weight of the contents of the shipping container.

The Bilanciai Lift Weigh System has been specifically developed for retrofit forklift truck weighing systems. The system consists of two weigh assemblies that fit side by side directly onto forklift carriages with no need for mechanical alterations to the forklift itself. The forks then hook onto the weighing units. The fully protected cable assemblies are connected via a junction box to the onboard weight indicator.Picture1



Dual Scale capacity 1250kg /2500kg, Readability 1kg/2kg
Very easy installation
Suitable for Class II and Class III Carriages
Fork Lift Scale approved for Trade use

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