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Sartorius MA37 Moisture Analyzer for Daily Routine Operations



The Sartorius MA37 is a next-generation moisture analyzer that continues the success story of the MA35.  The MA37 delivers fast, accurate results and is easy to operate. Moreover, this compact device features a Better Clean design for effortless cleaning. The status light makes it easy to track the current progress of a measurement. Therefore, the MA37 is ideal for users who
require a fast, 100% reliable moisture analyzer that is easy to operate.




Features : 

  • Fast measurements
    The new, high-performance heating unit
    integrated into the MA37 ensures fast and
    uniform drying of the sample.
  • Display of the measurement status
    The light indicates the status of the analyzer.
    As a result, you will have everything under
    control – even from a distance.
  • User-friendly operation
    The intuitive user interface, including
    the touch screen, and easy-to-understand
    menu prompts considerably simplify
    operation of the MA37.
  • Effortless cleaning
    The BetterClean design makes it so easy to
    thoroughly clean the parts of the sample
    chamber. You can even remove the
    chamber hood and the sample chamber
    plate to clean them in a laboratory washer.
  • MA35 mode
    This mode lets you readily use method
    parameters already developed for the MA35.

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