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Entris Series

The Entris series of Analytical Balances are supplied in two capacity ranges, 120g x 0.1mg, and 220g x 0.1mg.
They offer Internal Calibration using a motorised internal mass for optimum weighing accuracy.
The Entris balances have easy to remove glass doors, this makes thorough cleaning of the balance an easy task.
User-friendly operation and a backlit high contrast display ensure easy readability.

Features Include – 

  • Monolithic Weighing Cell for long-term accuracy
  • Backlit high contrast display
  • Easy cleaning
  • Internal Calibration
  • Density determination
  • Animal weighing
  • Counting
  • % Weighing

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120g x 0.1mg
120g x 0.1mg
220g x 0.1mg
220g x 0.1mg
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