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Radwag was founded in 1984 as a small craftsman works. A company employing a few people was manufacturing simple solutions as kitchen scales equipped with spring elements, mechanical scales and solutions for post.

Radwag relies on its own technical ideas, all products manufactured by Radwag base on its own constructional and technical solutions. The development of company is financed exclusively from profits gained from sales of manufactured goods.




HY10 terminal has been designed to enable designing multifunctional load cell scales operating in industry, and to cooperate with RADAWAG high resolution platforms and weighing modules.
 Screen Customization
You can customize the HY10 screen to make it suit your individual preferences and specific
requirements of any production process.
Production Processes Editor
’Traceability Processes’ function enables you to precisely program weighing process course.
As an anoperator you are guided step by step therefore there is no need for you to worry that any
operation might be omitted.
Remote Setup
The remote setup is a cutting-edge solution. Now you can set HY10 terminal from anywhere
in the world. All you need to connect to the terminal is Internet and ’Parameters Editor’ application.
Applications in Line with Industry Requirements
HY10 software makes the terminal possible to be used for vast range of industrial applications,
e.g. labelling, dosing, parts counting, formulations, prepackaged goods control (PGC), statistic
quality control.
Reliability and Hygiene in Challenging Conditions
Stainless steel mechanical design and IP68/69 in-use facilitate terminal operation under challenging
industrial conditions. These two characteristics make the terminal meet high hygiene standards for
food and pharmaceutical industries.
Managing Multi-Platform Systems
HY10 terminal can support operation of 6 weighing platforms (including 2 load cell ones).
It offers connecting laboratory balances and weighing modules.
Databases and Ease of Archiving
Large HY10 terminal database facilitates archiving the results of your work and reports. The data can
be exchanged between terminals. Data import and export options are at your disposal.
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