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Pressure Calibration Services

National Weighing and Instruments has been built on quality service and calibration operations.

At National Weighing and Instruments we can offer a wide range of calibrations based on our testing methods and accreditations, ensuring our customer’s calibrations are correct and traceable to National Standards.

Calibration Reports are issued with every calibration or are directly stored into our CAL-SAFE database for your easy access.

Speak to one of our experienced technicians for an assessment of your quality system.  The team at National Weighing and Instruments are positive that we can quote you a  competitive price. 

Pressure calibration is the comparison of the output of a device used to measure pressure with that of another pressure measurement device, or pressure measurement standard.  This usually involves plumbing the device under test (DUT) to the standard device and generating a common pressure in the measurement circuit.  The outputs of the devices are compared at one or more pressures, typically from the lowest to highest readings of the DUT’s full-scale range, or the range for which it is normally used.  This comparison process is performed in a chain from the highest level of fundamental pressure realization, down to everyday pressure measurement devices, to guarantee pressure measurements are precise and comply with accepted or instructed values.


At National Weighing and Instruments our highly experienced technicians are able to perform the following: 

  • Magnehelic gauges 
  • Industrial gauges 
  • Digital gauges

The above was to name few, feel free to drop us a line on the number below and one of our staff members will ensure your needs are met.

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