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Pipette Calibrator & LeakTester

Pipettes need checking to maintain their reliability and accuracy, as a NATA accredited laboratory.
National Weighing & Instruments are pleased to offer instruments suitable for laboratory testing of pipettes by Medical  Research and General laboratories, ensuring your pipettes are always accurate.

WinCT-Pipette Management Software

Pipette Accuracy Testers –
AD-4212A/B-PT ,  FX-399i-PT
With a balance, software, and accessories all in one carrying case, A&D’s pipette accuracy tester provides everything you need for easy verification of the accuracies of your pipettes.

 Features Include –

  •  Standard liquid thermometer
  • Include evaporation traps
  • Includes a calibration weight and tweezers
  • Ease of use
  • NATA calibrated before delivery
  • Software in accordance with the tolerances specified in ISO 8655 Standard.
  • 3 models to covering a large volumetric range


Pipette Leak Tester AD-1690
The AD-1690 is designed to test for leakage in small pumps, containers, piping (capacity up to approx. 50 ml), and especially micropipettes.

Leak Tester AD-1690
Pipette Leak Tester AD-1690

Features Include – 

  • Quick Testing
  • Leak Detection by Depressurization*
  • Replaceable Air Filter
  • RS-232C Interface
  • Three Types of Attachments
    (* A pressurization method is available upon request)

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