In recent years’ Australia’s expanding population coupled with the
growing prevalence of a ‘disposable’ culture has greatly increased the
quantity of waste produced in Australia. Due to this expansion there
is a rising need for proper management for the disposal of waste and
recycling, in turn this escalates the costs associated with waste

Landfill levies make up a large chunk of this rise in cost with state

governments placing greater emphasis on separating waste and
recycling as much as possible. This change in procedure is warmly
welcomed, but potential logistical complications can arise when
trying to keep track of multi-stream waste sources, and it is essential
for all concerned that waste producers are accurately charged for the
waste they produce, based on the amount and type of waste.
To reduce these logistical complications at a commercial tower in
Sydney, the Industrial Waste Management System (iWM) was
introduced by National Weighing and Instruments .
The iWM has been specifcally designed to provide comprehensive
legal-for-trade records at a wide range of facilities, including but not
limited to; office blocks, the hospitality trade, academic
establishments, factories and medical facilities.

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