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Radwag MYA 11.3Y

Microbalances in the MYA 3Y series are intended to measure mass with the highest accuracy. They feature 14.5cm LCD color touch panel which provides new possibilities of in regards to balance operation and the presentation of measurement results.  The reliability and accuracy of measurement are maintained by an automated internal adjustment/calibration system.


The Radwag technology uses Infrared Proximity Sensors for opening and closing the glass weighing chamber door. The use of the Infrared sensors will allow better stability for weighing, as the balance is not touched for this function.

Radwag MYA X.3Y Screen Proximity

The proximity sensors also used for, Print, Tare and the Sensor sensitivity adjustment.
The Radwag MYA 11.3Y has an Alarm function and an on-screen Level Indicator to ensure balance is level at all times.

Features Include –

  • Capacity of 11g
  • Resolution of 1ug
  • 14.5cm Touchscreen display
  • Evaporation ring
  • Calibration vessel

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MYA 11.3Y
11g x 1ug
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