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Minebea Intec Loadcell MP79


National Weighing & Instruments works in partnership with Minebea Intec to provide state of the art scales and other industrial weighing equipment.

Minebea Intec have produced a square sheer beam loadcell made from stainless steel, the MP79 and MP79T. The MP79 and MP79T are suitable for load ranges between 227kg and 5099kg and is specially desinged for use in weighing platforms and simple hopper weighing applications.The loadcells have a IP68 and IP69K rating.

If you have a loadcell that needs servicing click here for more information.If you would like to learn more about the MP79 loadcells scroll down to read more and download the brochure.


Types –

MP 79/227 kg C3MR MP 79T/227 kg C3MR
MP 79/454 kg C3MR MP 79T/454 kg C3MR
MP 79/1134 kg C3MR MP 79T/1134 kg C3MR
MP 79/2268 kg C3MR MP 79T/2268 kg C3MR
MP 79/5099 kg C3MR MP 79T/5099 kg C3MR

Also available in EX versions

Features Include –

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Compatible with other sources
  • Hermetically welded seal (IP68, IP69K)

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Sartorius Load Cell MP79
227 kg - 5099 kg
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