Grain Size Analyser – Gibertini GSA

The Gibertini GSA ( Grain Size Analyser ), which allows particle size characterisation of soil by sedimentation.
The GSA measures the finer fraction of soil from 0.1mm to 0.001mm, measuring the progressive reduction of density in a soil suspension, following particle sedimentation during a given time of observation.
This instrument makes use of the procedure applied to a modified hydrostatic balance for measuring density rather than by utilising standard 151H or 152H hydrometers.

Gibertini GSA Software
GSA Software Screenshot

The GSA Software is easy & friendly, displays in real time trend of the test through a graphic, giving the operator before the end of the test, a reliable forecast of a trend useful in many cases to establish the characteristic of the soil under test.

Gibertini GSA Software screenshot 2
GSA Software Screenshot

Principle Characteristics –

  • Range of Density (Specific Garavity) to real 4 decimal places
  • Auto compensation of variation of temperature
  • Repeatability better than 2%
  • All the variable parameters are programmable by operator

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