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Gibertini Vessel

National Weighing & Instruments specialise in the supply of Laboratory, Oenology and Industrial products from Gibertini. Gibertini is an Italian based company, renowned for their research and innovation in the weighing industry.

If you are looking for a vessel to use as an Industrial Proving Measure we recommend that you consider the Gibertini MDC series of Inox vessel. The is also a wide range of accessories available for Inox vessels.

The robust main body of the MDC series is engineered with enhanced, anti-shock properties.  To further extend the strength properties the vessels are made from AISI 304 stainless steel.  In addition, MDC vessels also feature graduated scales, suitable to indicate permitted limits of error.

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If you have an Industrial proving measure or vessel that needs servicing click here for more information. If you would also like to find out more about the Gibertini Vessels, click on the link below to download the brochure or scroll down to learn more about the features of the Vessels.

Model      Capacity in Litres
MDC 1                   1
MDC 2                   2
MDC 5                   5
MDC 10               10
MDC 20 MID       20
MDC 50 TL          50
MDC 100 TL     100
MDC 200           200
MDC 1000       1000

Other capacities available upon request.

Accessories –
Certificate by Referenced laboratory
Shockproof wooden case for transport
Stainless steel cart with pivoting wheels

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MDC Series
1 litre - 1000 litre
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