Gibertini Crystaltherm

Gibertini Crystaltherm Moisture Balance

Moisture balances are now an integral part of many manufacturing processes, the Gibertini Crystaltherm offers the most robust of them all, Its all metal design and almost heavy duty weighing cell , make it ideal for the industrial applications of factory or process sites the 3 Bright LED displays makes it easy to read, and the information of temperatures time and weights loss is always display , samples can be stored for processing , automatic detection of dried samples is standard, the Crystaltherm also offers a Printout facility as a option.

Features Include –

  • Max Sample Weight 200g
  • Industrial applications for the factory
  • Readability 1mg- converts to 0.01 % Readability
  • Not need of an exact sample amount
  • Display for Moisture Content (%) or Weight (g)
  • Displays for Time (min) and Temperature (Degree C)
  • All parameters programmed by keyboard
  • Time of tests programmable by 1 min steps
  • Furnace temperature programmable by 1 degree steps from 40 to 200 Degree C
  • Memory facility to retain Temperature, Time, Weight, Dry Residue and Moisture data until cancelled by the operator
  • Automatic Stable Weight determination and data storing at the end of the test
  • Software for memorisation of 10 product testing parameters
  • Automatic stop at the end of the test with buzzer
  • Automatic calibration with external mass (optional)

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200 g x 0.001 g
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