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DYXIM X-ray Inspection System: D Series

National Weighing & Instruments works in partnership with Minebea Intec to provide state of the art scales and other industrial weighing equipment.                                                                                                    

The solution: X-ray inspection systems in the
DYXIM series from Minebea Intec formally known as Sartorius. These detectors can reliably identify contaminated products
and eject them. Both of these steps are automatic
and documented so that the relevant
data is available over the long term for statistical
evaluation of the process.

The DYXIM D Series is the high-performance
line of DYXIM models, and has a patented
core consisting of two x-ray sensors for
inspection of jars, cans, and bottles. Detecting
contaminants located near the container lid,
in concavities or on the container walls is a
particular challenge for every x-ray inspection
system. The DYXIM D Series is ideal for
such tasks.



Features and Benefits Include:

-The new standard in X-Ray inspection
-Meets and exceeds a comprehensive range of
environmental and hygienic regulations.
 Combines high accuracy with low power consumption.                    
-Crystal clear image processing.
-Reliable contaminated product discharge.
-Latest software options allows use in
  numerous applications.

 -Fast and easy application selection.

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