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Dimensional Calibrations

National Weighing and Instruments has been built on quality service and calibration operations.

At National Weighing and Instruments we can offer a wide range of calibrations based on our testing methods and accreditations, ensuring our customer’s calibrations are correct and traceable to National Standards.

Calibration Reports are issued with every calibration or are directly stored into our CAL-SAFE database for your easy access.

Speak to one of our experienced technicians for an assessment of your quality system.  The team at National Weighing and Instruments are positive that we can quote you a  competitive price. 

Our Dimensional Calibration services are intended to guarantee that your hand tools and measuring instruments provide reliable, precise, traceable measurement results.

Our dimensional calibration experience also includes surface hardness and roughness tester calibration for select instruments.

Dimensional Calibrations Include but are not limited  to : 

  •  Micrometers 
  •  Calipers
  •  go-nogo gauges
  • Tape measures 
  • high-tech optics-based scales
  • Gauge blocks 

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