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CL5000 Retail Shop Scales

At National Weighing & Instruments we can supply you with a variety of different retail scales to suit your requirements. An example of one of our multi-scale system products is the CAS CL5000 series. The certificate of approval for trade use is no.6/4D/333. The certificate for the instrument confirms that it is a model that qualifies for trade verification.

The CAS CL5000 series is a range of Retail Shop scales with the functionality to print labels or tickets. The scale is ideal for measuring out goods and selling to your customers by weight with the sale details recorded on labels that can be applied to the goods. The scale is available in two models, CL5000-B, Non-Pole, and CL5000R, Pole type display, both models are available with rear display. The CL5000 offers a flexible and reliable network system, available as a wired or wireless system. The CL5000 has a reliable weighing function and a sophisticated design, it is possibly the best equipment for enhancing your business operation.

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  CAS CL5000 - Both Models
CL5000-B (left)  &   CL5000-R (right)

The CL5000 uses a membrane type keypad and a Double-click function provides easy access to the key’s secondary PLU.
The standard memory of the CL5000 can hold up to 3,000 PLU’s and the expansion memory card can offer 10,000 PLU’s.
High-speed thermal printing (100mm/sec), with easy to replace cartridges for new label/ticket rolls.
There are 40 preset labels installed and 20 label formats can be modified freely, using user-friendly sale management software. Control all the program data by CL-works program.

CAS CL5000 Labels
Sample of the CL5000’s Printed Labels

Network structure for – 

  • Large, medium & small independent markets
  • Prepack and self-service counter
  • Hypermarket 

Network System –

  • TCP/IP
  • IEEE802.11G wireless network
  • 64/128 bit WEP data security system, WPA(TKIP), WPA-11
  • One to one & multi to multi & wired/wireless network

Options Include –

  • 2MB extension memory (10,000PLU & 2,000 ingredients)
  • Wireless bridge card
  • Platter with back rail
  • Large platter or Fish tray
  • Metal dome switch

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6/15kg by 2/5g
15/30kg by 5/10g
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