Bison C-Legs

BISON Container Legs or C-Legs, are ideal for portable, accurate weighing of shipping containers that are already loaded onto a trailer. The C-Legs are ideal for using method 1 to meet the new SOLAS requirements. If you need to weigh a container that is on the ground click here for more information.

Simply attach the four scales to each corner. Jack the container off the trailer holding pins, then transmit the weight direct to the supplied Android smart phone. The BISON App designed for use with the C-Legs does the rest for you. The App will give an accurate verified gross mass (VGM) at the packing point, confirm safe load distribution and share weight data instantly with the shipper or any other party you require.

The C-Legs comply with OMIL R76 as required by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. You can rest assured that by using the Bison C-Legs you will be able to supply your shipper with a container with a correctly verified weight to send off to its final destination.

Over and above meeting SOLAS guidelines C-Legs will soon have a certificate of approval for trade use. This means that you will be able to verify the weight of the container for trade use. This is only applicable for when there is a cost charged to any party that is based on the weight of the goods.