Bilianciai D440IS

Hazardous areas require special indicators that are approved for Class Zones of explosive atmospheres, the D440IS has ATEX approval for this type of weighing environment, its design of low voltage , keyboard input and range of interface accessories including optical fibre serial output make it a special indicator for this environment. This type of indicator requires special electrical approval and must have working areas classified before installation to comply with Australian standards.

The Atex approved D440IS offers functionality with its key board operation, Range classifications, Printer connection, Stores up to 500 product codes, multiple tares, totalisation, options for set point control, powered by 240 Volt, approved for Zones 0, 1, 2 for gases and Zones 20, 21 & 22 for dusts.

  D440IS Zoneing Pic
D440IS Hazzard Zones

Features Include –

  • Backlit Graphics display
  • 18 Key alphanumeric keypad
  • Wall or Table mounting
  • 6 wire Load cell connection with sense
  • Max cell voltage of 23mV

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