BILANCIAI GROUPSPT-28 Portable Modular Weighbridge
The Bilanciai SPT-28 Portable Modular Weighbridge
with NMI Trade Approval.
Fold it up and move it around, the SPT-28 has a patent design and offers minimal setup and preparation, no Civil requirements, the just level ground can include Steel ramps and approaches comes in a variety of lengths from 9 to 36 meters 10 to 100 Tonne. The digital load cells CPD are used in this weighbridge for simple installation and servicing.

The SPT-28 Portable Modular Weighbridge has NMI Approval
if required, and a Verification Certificate will be supplied upon completion where applicable.

Spt-28 Load Cell Position
    Load cell Mounting Technique.

SPT-28 Folded 
      Weighbridge in its Folded Position.

SPT-28 Testing
     Weighbridge Construction Testing.

With its NMI Approval and the versatility of being Transportable and Modular make this unique design Weighbridge an ideal acquisition.

The SPT-28  weighbridge is ideal for the following industries:-

  • Construction Sites
  • Waste Recyclers
  • Metal Recyclers
  • Quarries
  • Ports
  • Terminals

The attached PDF brochure gives a comprehensive overview of the SPT-28 weighbridge.

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