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Selecta Bilanciai Checkweigher

Selecta Checkweigher

The Selecta checkweigher from Bilanciai is available through National Weighing & Instruments . NWI is the sole Australian agent for Coop-Bilancai, an Italian weighing instrumentation company. With 80 years of experience they are leaders in the European weighing industry. 

NWI supply Bilanciai products such as the Selecta Checkweigher as they offer technologically advanced features that have been tried and tested on the European market. In our experience we find this simplifies installation and ongoing maintenance.

The Selecta checkweigher is a robust inline system. The checkweigher allows the user to  control the correct quantity of  pre-packaged products. This helps to make system stability better, reliably counting up to 250 units a minute. The interface is displayed on a large easy to read touch screen. See below for a screenshot of the monitor. Some other models on the market are not as easy to add to an already existing system  making affordable upgrades achievable.

Selecta Checkweigher Screenshot

The Selecta system is available in two different capacities.  The capacities are 1200g x 0.2g and 3000g x 0.5g.

Servicing and Maintenance

It is important to protect your investment in your weighing equipment. We can assist you with this as we can provide ongoing maintenance and service support for your weighing equipment.

For more information on servicing or purchasing this checkweigher or similar systems from our other suppliers fill out the quick contact form on this page and a member of our team will be in contact with you shortly. Alternatively, you can contact us  on 1300 669 162.

Screenshot from the Selecta Check Weigher

Features Include –

  • Easy to integrate into existing lines
  • 26.4cm colour touchscreen
  • High speed operation
  • Memory of 2Gbyte – USB optional
  • Ethernet TCP/IP 10/100Mb
  • Production rate of 250 pieces per minute


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1200g x 0.2g
3000g x 0.5g
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