Bilanciai SBP/M – SLP/M Steel Weigbridge

BILANCIAI GROUPSteel Weighbridges
The Bilanciai SBP/M and the SLP/M steel weighbridges are fully Modular Long life steel weighbridges from 6 to 36 Meters Length made from High-grade Steel, assembly and installation are simple. Ramps and foundations are formed and then the bridge is installed using the state of the art Load cell technology from Bilanciai, the load cells can be analog or Digital CPD for long life simple service capability. Steel weighbridges have the possibility to be moved at a later date, however, foundations and ramps will need to be formed.

The construction of a digital CPD  load cell.
Bilanciai CPD Load Cell

SBP-M COnstruction

Completed SBP/M steel weighbridge platform

Video of Weighbridge Production

SBP-M completing
The surface mounted steel weighbridge showing
its low profile design and ease of relocation.

SBP-M Weighbridge
The SBP/M pit mounted steel  weighbridge in use

Where to Install –

  • Pit mounted or Surface Weighbridges for harsh & muddy areas, like, quarries, steelworks, and mineral processing plants.
  • Installation in harsh operational sites where high levels of concentrated loads are experienced.
  • High-frequency use applications like, ports, terminals, recycling plants and logistic operations.

The attached PDF brochures give a comprehensive overview of the SBP/M and the SPL/M steel weighbridges.

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