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Cement Weighbridges Bilanciai SBP/CO

BILANCIAI GROUP Cement Weighbridge  SBP/CO
The Bilanciai  SBP/CO Concrete Weighbridge is fully Modular Weighbridge from 6 to 36 Meters range with steel supports and cement decks, ramps and foundations are installed first. The bridge frame is assembled on site raised on Dummy load cells and cement can be poured, once cured the bridge is Fitted with load cells. Using the state of the art Digital Load cell technology from Bilanciai of Italy The bridge is connected to one of the many Indicators available and Calibrated.

The construction of a digital CPD  load cell.
Bilanciai CPD Load Cell

Product Advantages –

  •  Easily Transported
  • High resistance to Chemicals & Soils
  • High resistance to Oxidation
  • Installation Versitility
  • Concrete is cast directly into the weighing platform without the need for extra framework.Construction of SBP/CO weighbridge
    SBP-CO COnstruction

Optional Surface mount installation or Pit mount installation for environments with high operating.

Casting concrete for the SBP/CO weighbridge
Weighbridge SBP-C

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