Bilanciai DD1050i

The DD1050i is designed for all Industrial applications with its body & front panel made from IP68 stainless steel, with its 26.5cm Touch Screen Colour Display, it has a fully programmable operation using Windows CE. The connection of up to 4 scales, outputs and inputs for process control along with interfaces for date up loading and down loading , make it an Ideal solution for process system integrators.

Because of its extreme versatility the DIADE Series can be used in all industrial weighing environments. The family of Diade weighing terminals is undoubtedly the perfect solution for many control
processes, making possible a significant reduction in the system components used, with the following benefits:
• Fewer and less complex connections with a consequent reduction    in installation costs
• Reduced costs for system components
• Simpler maintenance/assistance procedures

Waterproof Testing of Indicator

DD1050i Screenshot
DD1010i Screenshot

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