Bilanciai D800


Dialogica is the range of terminals based on constant
advanced research and the know-how acquired by
Coop. Bilanciai in the weighing industry. Innovative
terminals, designed to effectively meet the needs of a
continually changing market. the D 800 electronic
terminal has been designed to enable operator dialogue
using an extended alphanumeric keypad (QWERTY)
and a very bright TFF graphics display which makes
it possible to customize the form and dimensions of the
characters. Specifically designed for use with weigh-
bridges in combination with the new STB 80 printer it
is also available in a DUPLEX version with both analogue
and CPD digital load cells.

D800 Application
D800 Weighing Applications

Built in ABS with an innovative design, it is available
in table-top or Rack mounted versions. It is also available
in a batching version and hasNMI approval in Australia, it
can be equipped with Single Scale or Multirange operation.Specifically designed for use with weigh-bridges
in combination with the newSTB 112 printer it is also available
in a DUPLEX version with both analogue and CPD digital
load cells.Built in ABS with aninnovative design, it is available in table-top or Rack mounted versions, it is also available in a batching version.

Features –

  • Qwerty key board
  • Weigh in / weigh out functions
  • 300 Memory for Product . Number Plate and Customer information
  • 3 out puts for remote displays, traffic control, Printers and more.
  • Large graphical display, for total viewing of Weigh Bridge operations,
  • Drives 3 weigh bridges ( Multi Deck) can be displayed at the same time, summation
  • Connect up to 3 weigh bridges and control independently, simple operation
  • Systems and control via the expandable
    Input/Output cards- Can connect to software orbe stand alone
  • Network between two units for Master and slave operation

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