Bilanciai D410

BILANCIAI GROUPBilanciai D410 (NMI Trade Approved)
The Dialogica series of terminals reflects the outcome of advanced and constant research, and of the considerable know-how acquired by Coop Bilanciai in the weighing sector. The D 410 electronic terminal ensures maximum ease of dialogue with the operator, thanks to an alphanumeric keypad and a backlit graphic display which is extremely simple to use and offers the facility of changing the shape and size of characters to suit different operating conditions. With a generous number of functions, and possibilities for expansion, the instrument affords extensive scope for interfacing with PLCs, PCs, printers and automation systems.

Also used as a Weighbridge Indicator Read More Icon

Indicator mounting –
Rack-mounting and tabletop versions are available, both presenting similarly compact dimensions. The product offers NMI approval, and is connectable to any type of load cell. Monoscale and multirange versions are available.

Features include –

  • ABS housed indicator
  • Fluorescent Graphical Display
  • Alpha Numeric Key board / expansion out put cards
  • Two (2) serial port for transmitting the weight reading by RS232 or RS485
  • Analogue output 4/20mA, powered by 240V, with 2 set points for simple Batch control
  • Optional column or wall mount kit
  • One (1) year warranty

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