Axle Group Weigher using Stop/Go Light Control

National Weighing & Instruments supply a mini weighbridge as an axle group weigher system. The system works in conjunction with a Bilanciai diade and 125mm 6 digits Norsk remote display using Stop/Go control lights.

The touchscreen of the diade terminal uses the diade axle software to incorporate a remote indicator with 125mm digits displaying green and red light. The green light signals to the driver that they can drive onto the mini weighbridge. Once the truck is in place the red light illuminates and the remote display will flash indicating the axle weight has been captured and stored. The green light will then illuminate, indicating to the driver that they can now travel across the mini weighbridge until the next axle group is positioned on the weighbridge. Once in place, the red light will activate to indicate to the driver to stop and the same process continues until the weighing is completed.





DD2050 & DD1050
Bilanciai DD2050 & DD1050 Programable Indicators

We offer a range of the Bilanciai Diade programmable weighing indicators, used in conjunction with the Diade software.
Norsk Remote Display 

Norsk Remote Display

The Norsk is visible up to a distance of 30 meters and is equipped with, 6 high brightness digits 125mm in height and Green and Red Go/Stop lights for easy indication to the driver.


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