National Weighing & Instruments supply a full range of Load Cells and load cell mounting kits. We supply a comprehensive range of the following types of load cells, Shear beam, Single point, S-Type, Button load cells, Hygienic load cells, Weighbridge load cells and Analogue converters to convert Analogue load cell signal to a digital output.

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Bending Beam - CB

* Strong Beam Load cell
* Capacities 50, 100, 200,500kg
* Stainless steel construction
* Can be used with a wide range of weighing Instrumentation.

BilanciaiC4, ±0.02% FS50kg -500kgYESbeam-single-point loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
CDC Compression Loadcell

* IP67 stainless steel

Bilanciai±0.1% FS500kg - 100tYEScompression-pancake-button loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
Compact SS Junction Box

4 Loadcells

Nationaljunction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
Contego Hygenic Mount

* Preassembled weighing module, including load cell, integrated constrainer and lift-off protection, saving installation time
* Integrated jack-up function to quickly lift the vessel without hydraulic lifters
* Sophisticated sealing technology ensures an optimum hygienic design
* EHEDG-certified product

MinebeaD1, ±0.04% C3, ±0.015%100kg - 2000kgYEShygenic-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
CPD-M digital weighbridge loadcell

* Inclination up to 5 ° (15 mm from vertical position)
* 8 extensimeters
* Protections against lighting
* Antiroditer cable
* Self-stabilizing system with antirotation device
* Sturdy 45 ° cone protection
* Mechanical shell to protect the lower spherical surface
* Maximum protection from radio frequency interferences

Bilanciai20t - 50tYESweighbridge-loadcell-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
Inteco Compression Type loadcell

* Consistent further development of the well-known PR 6201.
Also with converter Connexx® as a digital weighing solution
* Load cell capacity range from 500 kg to 75 t
* Accuracy classes up to C6
* Error class: 0.04%0.008%
* Output signal 2 mV/V
* Corresponding mounting kits (certified according to EN 1090):
* Mounting plate kit PR 6145 without constrainer
* MiniFlexLock PR 6143 with integrated constrainer
* Universal vessel foot PR 6001 without constrainer
* Maxi FlexLock PR 6001 with integrated constrainer

MinebeaD1, ±0.04% C3, ±0.015% C6, ±0.008%500kg - 75tYEScompression-pancake-button loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
MP58 - Shear Beam

* Load cell for use in platform scales and for basic weighing of small to medium-sized containers
* For economic vessel weighing solutions
* Available in threaded and T-end versions.

MinebeaC3, ±0.02% FS91kg - 2268kgbeam-single-point loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
MP77 - Bending Beam

* Stainless steel bending beam
* Load cell capacity range from 10 kg to 500 kg
* Accuracy class: 0.02 %

MinebeaC3, ±0.02% FS10kg - 500kgbeam-single-point loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
National SS Junction Box

4 Loadcells

Nationaljunction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
Novego Hygenic Weighing Module

* Hygienic weighing module ensures efficient cleaning
* High degree of process reliaBilancaiancaiity and precision thanks to the innovative side-force-resistant system
* Quick and easy commissioning due to smart add-on parts
* Durable, reliable weighing solution with excellent corrosion resistance

MinebeaC3, ±0.015%125kg - 2tYEShygenic-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
PR6130 - 34SA

Reliable connection between load cells
and the controller
Cable junction boxes:
Robust casing made of plastic,
aluminum, or stainless steel
Protection class IP65IP68|IP69K
Large service temperature range
Pressure equalizing membrane
For four and six-conductor technology
Installation cables:
Safe connection over large distances
Good chemical resistance
Resistant to interference thanks to
double shielding
High strength armored
version available

Minebeajunction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
PR6202 Hygenic Compression

* Proven rocker-pin principle
* Easy corner adjustment by matched load cell output
* 4Full stainless steel construction
* Wide temperature range
* High overload capacity
* Resistant against vibrations
* Hermetically sealed, IP68 (depth of 1.5 m for 10,000 hrs.), IP69K
* Ex-version available (PR 6202/..E)
* W&M approval (acc. OIML R 60)

MinebeaC1, ±0.03%1t - 50tYEShygenic-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
PR6211 Compact Compression Type

* Compact design ensuring a low system height
* Load cell capacity range from 30 kg to 300 kg
* Error class: 0.05 %
* Extreme wide temperature range
* Corresponding mounting kits:
* Mounting kits with or without constrainer PR 6011
* Mounting kits with or without constrainer and additional functions PR 6012

MinebeaD1, ±0.05%30kg - 300kgYEScompression-pancake-button loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
PR6212 Compact Compression Type

* Compact design ensuring a low system height
* Maximum corrosion resistance
* High-temperature version available for up to 180 ËšC
* Load cell capacity range from 500 kg to 10 t
* Accuracy class: 0.04 %

MinebeaC1, ±0.04%500kg - 10tYEScompression-pancake-button loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
PR6221 analogue Weighbridge loadcell

* Optimum reliablity thanks to German Quality
* Precise measurement results for exact load balancing
* Top fail-safe performance thanks to high lightning protection
* Optimum protection against waterlogging, frost and de-icing salt
* Also available as a digital solution with converter Connexx®

MinebeaC3, ±0.015%20t - 50tYESweighbridge-loadcell-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
PR6241 Compression S Type

* Ultra-high precision load cell for batching applications
* Load cell capacity range from 100 kg to 5 t
* Error class: 0.04 % – 0.008 %
* Corresponding mounting kits: PR 6043 Mini FlexLock, PR 6041 without constrainer, PR 6044 with additional functions and constrainer

MinebeaD1, ±0.04% c3, ±0.015% c6, ±0.008%100kg - 5tYESloadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box tension-s-type-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box-2
PR6246 Tension S Type loadcell

* Ultra-high precision load cell for batching applications
* Load cell capacity range from 100 kg to 3 t
* Error class: 0.04 % – 0.008 %
* Corresponding mounting kit: PR 6046

MinebeaD1, ±0.04% c3, ±0.015%100kg - 3tYESloadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box tension-s-type-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box-2
PR6251 Pancake Level Sensor

* Ultra-flat load cell for low precision tank weighing as alternative to level sensors
* Load cell capacity range from 500 kg to 16 t
* Accuracy class: L (0.5 %)
* Corresponding mounting kit: PR 6051

MinebeaL, ±0.5%500kg - 16tYEScompression-pancake-button loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
Shear BeamNationalC3, ±0.02% FS500kg -2tbeam-single-point loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
Shear Beam - NTI

* Stainless Steel
* Approved to NMI standards
* NMI number S380
* High accuracy and Multi Interval approved model for 3 ranges
* Range of mounting accessories
* IP67 rating
* Overload of 150%

BilanciaiC3, ±0.02% FS500kg -2tYESbeam-single-point loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
SS Junction BoxBilanciaijunction-box loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box
STI Tension Loadcell

* Stainless Steel Construction
* Compression and Tension
* Ideal for Hoppers
* Low V min value for high sensitivity

Bilanciai±0.02% FS3t - 15tYESloadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box tension-s-type-loadcells-mount-kits-and-junction-box-2