Precision Balance

Precision Balance

    Cubis II Precision Balance

    * Fast and easy leveling guaranteed with automatic, motorized leveling function
    * Innovative draft shield technology with gesture sensor and memory functions
    * Climate sensor for environmental monitoring
    * Built-in ionizer for automatic electrostatic elimination

    Sartorius150g - 14200g1mg - 100mglaboratory-balance precision-balance
    Entris II Precision Balance

    * Highly accurate results guaranteed via monolithic weigh cell technology
    * Fastest stabilization time
    * Overload protection
    * High chemical resistance using parts made from polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), stainless steel and glass
    * Minimizes weighing errors caused by electrostatically charged sample

    Sartorius220g - 8200g1mg - 1glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    EU-C Precision Balance

    * LCD display with small-size decimal digits, for easier and more immediate reading
    * Waterproof and acid resistant membrane keyboard. Easy to use with the ON/OFF, TARE, MODE and PRINT keys (RANGE/PRINT for DR model)
    * Indication of the reached stable weight
    * Bar-graph indicator of dosage and remaining capacity in % of the balance
    * Parameters configurable by menu: reading in g (grams), lb (pound), oz (ounce), ct (carats), pcs (pieces), % (percentage)

    Gibertini820g - 10200g0.01g - 0.1glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    FX-i / FX-i WP Precision Balance

    * Compact SHS- Super Hybrid Sensor ensures 1 second stabilization
    * Mulitple Weighing Units-15 units of measurement are selectable
    * Vacuum Fluorescent Display- Great VisiBilancaiity from all reading angles
    * SCF Statistical Calculation Function-Can display or output a complete stats package
    * RS232 Data Interface- RS 232C Interface is standard on the FX-i range
    * GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO Compliant- Complies with your lab management system
    * Digital Calibration Function- Simple calibration sequence using external masses
    * Animal Weighing Mode- Suitable for weighing unstable samples
    * Comparator Funtion- Compare result against preset targets with a HI LO or GO
    * Response Setting-Adjust balance response time to suit environment
    * IP65 Standard Waterprrof Protection

    AND320g - 3200g0.001g - 0.01glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    FZ-i / FZ-i WP Precision Balance

    * NMI Trade Approved for FZ-300iWP & FZ-3000iWP models
    * Resistant to all spills of foreign material
    * One touch internal calibration
    * Compact B5 Size Footprint brings minimal impact to your work environment
    * Fast stabilization Time of 1 second makes the unit ideal for high speed applications
    * Shock Absorber Function prevent damage due to accidental overloading
    * Choice of multiple weighing units including counting and percentage
    * Complies with GLP,GMP,GCP and ISO laboratory systems
    * Environment Setting allows set up to suit the operation area
    * Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement ensures optimum counting accuracy
    * Animal Weighing Function for weighing unstable samples
    * Statistical Calculation Function provides full stats reporting
    * Comparator Function allows the FZ-i to be used for filling or grading
    * Standard Small Breeze break on all models
    * Underhook weighing for testing density or weighing magnetic material

    AND320g - 3200g0.001g - 0.01glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    PM 4Y Precision Balance

    * Electric Level indicator
    * Data exchange through USB storage devices
    * Infrared proximity sensors

    Radwag10kg - 60kg0.01g - 1glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    PS 3Y Precision Balance

    * Electric Level indicator
    * Data exchange through USB storage devices
    * Infrared proximity sensors
    * Portability
    * Removable weighing chamber

    Radwag200g - 10100g0.001g - 0.01glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    PS X2 Precision Balance

    * Electric Level indicator
    * Data exchange through USB storage devices
    * Infrared proximity sensors

    Radwag200g - 10100g0.001g - 0.01glaboratory-balance precision-balance
    WLY Precision Balance

    * Data exchange through USB storage devices
    * Infrared proximity sensors
    * Standard scale has built in modes of “Parts counting” and “Checkweighing”.

    Radwag1kg - 120kg0.01g - 2glaboratory-balance precision-balance