Moisture Balance

Moisture Balance

    LMA200 Microwave mositure meter

    * Can be used for liquid and pasty samples with a moisture content ranging from approx. 8 to 100%
    * Analysis time approx. 40 – 120 seconds (depends on type of sample and moisture content)
    * Easy two-key operation for routine moisture measurements
    * End-point determination: Fully automatic, by means of mass and moisture sensors; User-defined as loss of weight/unit of time for measurement; Timer mode
    * Built-in analytical weighing system with a capacity of 70 g and a resolution of 0.1 mg for weight values

    Sartorius70g0.1mglaboratory-balance moisture-balance
    MA 3Y Moisture Analyser

    * Electric Level indicator
    * Data exchange through USB storage devices
    * Infrared proximity sensors
    * Communication interfaces
    * Portability

    Radwag60g - 200g0.1mg - 1mglaboratory-balance moisture-balance
    MA X2.A Mositure Analyser

    * Automatic opening and closing of the drying chamber
    * 5 capacitive colour touchpad
    * Modern interface
    * Uncomplicated, intuitive operation
    * Programmable display
    * Drying profiles (standard, mild, step, fast)
    * GLP/GMP printouts-reports
    * Repeatable and customized applications
    * Work optimization due to the use of halogen lamps

    Radwag50g - 210g0.1mg - 1mglaboratory-balance moisture-balance
    MA160 Moisture Analyser

    * Exceptionally high-speed measurements (up to 30% faster)
    * Fast and precise method development
    * Memory capacity for storage of methods and results
    * Method import and export via SD card
    * Reliable performance testing
    * Effortless cleaning
    * User-friendly operation

    Sartorius70g0.1mglaboratory-balance moisture-balance
    MA37 Moisture Analyser

    * Fast measurements
    * Effortless cleaning
    * User-friendly operation
    * Display of the measurement status

    Sartorius70g0.1mglaboratory-balance moisture-balance
    PMV Microwave Moisture Analyser

    * Intended for drying of samples containing significant amount of moisture (8-100%)
    * Ultra-short drying time when compared to traditional moisture analyzers and standard drying methods
    * Microwave-based solution
    * Uniform heating of entire sample’s surface
    * Complex database of drying programs
    * Finish mode: manual, automatic, time-defined, user-defined
    * Advanced reports, time and statistical graphs
    * Easy operation due to a touch screen

    Radwag50g0.1mglaboratory-balance moisture-balance