Dylight X-Ray

    * Extremely compact design
    * Plug and Play: All functions in one unit
    * Takes up only one metre of space in your production line
    * Complete with separator and run-off container
    * Maximum product safety thanks to the highest degree of detection sensitivity
    * Intuitive, time-saving operation
    * Easy installation and integration into networks

    Minebeax-ray inspection
    Dymond Bulk X-Ray

    * Maximum detection sensitivity for product and machine safety
    * Intuitive operation
    * Worldwide service, including remote support
    * High-performance interfaces for straightforward integration into networks

    Minebeax-ray inspection
    Dymond S X-Ray

    * Reliable inspection with a high throughput
    * Maximum safety through multi-sided radioscopy opens up new possibilities in product design
    * Seamless integration and installation
    * Quick and easy cleaning thanks to the hygienic design
    * Industry 4.0 ready

    Minebeax-ray inspection
    Dymond X-Ray

    * Hygienic design, following EHEDG principles featuring sloped surfaces and curved edges allowing easy inspection and cleaning, resulting in considerable time and cost savings
    * A wide range of standard possibilities for ensuring product integrity and quality including checking completeness, determining product mass and determining compartment mass
    * Covering belt widths from 200 mm up to 800 mm
    * 15″” color touchscreen display
    * Combining high detection sensitivity with low power consumption

    Minebeax-ray inspection