Metal Detection

Metal Detection

    Vistus Free Fall Metal Detection

    * Minimum installation height for easy integration into any application
    * Cost effective control of up to four search coils via one terminal
    * True In-Process Validation. This functionality guarantees correct performance testing

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    Vistus Metal Detection

    * Sturdy and torsion free construction made of 1.4301/AISI304 stainless steel
    * High quality drives: maintenance free three-phase motor with worm gear or three phase drum motor
    * Maximum detection performance through optimum vibration control and metal free zone
    * Available standard coil sizes: 75 x 30 mm up to 275 x 60 mm
    * Extremely compact: control unit fully integrated in detection coil
    * Standard IP65 protection class, IP69K optionally available for enabling high pressure water cleaning

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    Vistus RS Free Fall Metal Detection

    * Free and enclosed foreign objects made from ferrous and non-ferrous metals, light alloys such as aluminium, and stainless steel are all reliably
    * The compact design allows for easy integration in existing systems.
    * The user benefits from the intuitive user interface of the Vistus® range and numerous of connection options.
    * Robust stainless steel housing protects against dust and moisture, as per IP65.

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