Complete Scales

Complete Scales

    HV-CEP SERIESAND3kg - 220kg1g - 100gintrinsically-safehazard-area complete-scales
    LPS-CX Platform/Floor Scale

    * LPS series platforms are notable for their exceptionally low profile (<40 mm deep) and their proportions * Optimum mobility and all-stainless steel construction allowing easy and thorough cleaning. * Weight registers through 4 stainless steel load cells to IP 67 specification * Incorporates load bearing lateral box members bent directly from the platform metal, so that the top face is devoid of welded seams.

    National300kg - 2000kg100g - 1kgfood-beverage-processing scales-food-beverage intrinsically-safehazard-area complete-scales platform-floor-scales-food-beverage
    Signum EX Supreme Scale

    * Three easy-to-use indicators with varying usage levels
    * IP43 or IP65 protection classes
    * A variety of finishes, e.g. stainless steel
    * Platforms in various designs and sizes
    * Verification mode and explosion-proof solutions
    * A wide range of interfaces
    * An extensive range of accessories, options and add-ons

    Particularly suited for uses such as:

    * Automatic and manual dosing and filling
    * Manual dispensing, production of mixtures
    * Totalling and picking of orders
    * Classing, classification and sorting by weight
    * Part counts for materials management
    * Simple recording of weights with logs for documentation
    * Checking, for example when checking contents of pre-packaged units
    * Weighing containers and vessels for storage management

    Minebea0.62kg -35kg0.001g - 0.1gintrinsically-safehazard-area complete-scales