What is calibration and why is it so important?


In any industry, weighing and measuring is present and having accurate equipment must be of the highest priorities, especially if it includes chemicals, stock or money. But what is calibration exactly? When calibrating an instrument, you are comparing the known measurement (the standard) against measurements of your instruments. There are two objectives of the measuring […]

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Weighbridge – the new emerging trend in weighing


A weighbridge can take care of all your day to day industrial operations. In the early stages of Industrial Weighing, people preferred to use ‘lever forever’ truck scales for measuring weight of the trucks and other heavy equipments. Those scales were huge equipments with attached pivots and bearings. Also, those levers were made of iron […]

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Notes For Selecting a Industrial Scale


Finding a scale and other weighing equipment is an important and sometimes challenging task. Weighing equipment is a major component of any industrial operation. Industrial Scales differ from conventional weighing scales found in shops, even more so than a domestic scale. Industrial scales are commonly found with capacities ranging from a few kilos up to […]

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Finding the right industrial scales for your business


Industrial weighing scales are used in different industries for weighing heavy goods and products. They are available in different shapes and sizes as per the measure of load. These scales have their own specific weighing limit ranging from kilos to tons. It acts as a heavy investment for all industrialists, manufacturers and business owners, as […]

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Medical weighing – the next level of weighing


What with the modern lifestyle increasing the prevalence of obesity amongst the population, monitoring body weight has become more commonplace than ever. It is vital that medical personnel choose the right equipment for their needs.The staff at National Weighing & Instruments are her to help. We can offer a wide range of weighing equipment designed specifically […]

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